The University of Arizona promotes a progressive and proactive approach to campus accessibility. We strive for our campus experiences to be universally designed, usable by all people to the greatest extent possible, without the need for individual modifications. As event planners, we have the opportunity to create experiences that are not just accessible, but welcoming to all diverse audiences. Identifying and removing barriers to access throughout our event planning process results in inclusive and welcoming experiences for our diverse campus community. 




Disability Resource Center

Social and academic events are important opportunities for the campus community to connect. The Disability Resource Center is committed to supporting event planners in creating welcoming experiences that reduce or eliminate accommodations. DRC staff consults on major campus events and offers valuable training and resources.


Inclusive and Accessible Design Series

Disability Resources Center in collaboration with the University of Arizona Libraries has partnered to bring a presentation series on designing inclusive and accessible experiences. Their expert presenters offer sessions to guide us in bringing principles of inclusive and accessible design to events, content, and marketing.


Contact the DRC for Advice

For information or consultation on how to design accessible and inclusive events,
please call (520) 621-3268 or email