Virtual & Hybrid Events

UA Zoom

University of Arizona Zoom

Zoom is available campus-wide for web conferencing for academic purposes and business conferencing. Zoom is available to all active UA NetID holders: faculty, staff, students, and DCCs. NetID is not required for people outside the university to attend a UA Zoom meeting.

Webinars up to 1000 available by special request: Zoom Webinar Request

Contact Academic Technologies at or for Zoom support.



Captioning Services

As a commitment to inclusion and accessibility, University departments are responsible for ensuring that media intended for public viewing is available with accurate captions at the time of posting. Captioning benefits many users because it makes content searchable and can support learning for non-Native English speakers, visual learners, and users in noisy environments. UArizona has developed guidance and resources for media in addition to a Captioning Decision Guide.