Inviting Your Guests

Forms required to invite campus VIPs

To request Deans or other campus leaders please contact the Marketing Leadership of those Colleges or Departments. Please make your request well in advance to have your event considered and calendarized.



Trellis CRM

Trellis offers a suite of digital solutions to support your CRM (constituent relationship management) needs. Trellis does require access provisioning and training. Learn more about Trellis or contact Trellis Team.

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Communications Management - Marketing Cloud 

Events Management

Social Media Management - Sprout Social




University Calendar & Newsletters

The University Calendar allows events to be searched by categories and add tags for your intended audience. The event details you provide can include weblinks, photos and attachments.  

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Social Media

The social directory can help you find a college or department's official pages. Tag them or reach out to have them share your event. Find resources and tools to help you with your content creation.